International investor’s view on opportunities in Scotland

Dmitry Leus, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Imperium Investments, speaks to Scottish Business Insider about how he sees opportunities in Scotland with his eye firmly on Glasgow

Dmitry Leus: International investor's view on opportunities in Scotland
Dmitry Leus, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Imperium Investments

After many years making investments in European and British projects, I continue to look at the new and prospective areas in Great Britain and Scotland attracted my attention as a growing and interesting market. Regarding my personal experience as an international investor, I’m always cautious about where we decide to place our funds – but I’m keen to kick off new initiatives in Scotland later this year.

We have been up to Scotland a number of times and, after undertaking research, we concluded that Glasgow and Edinburgh both have a number of excellent opportunities. I especially love Glasgow and I like the vibe and the people in the city. It’s very welcoming. We’ve been speaking with local agents to find out which sites are available and how we can work with them. We are also asking local authorities about where there is the biggest demand in their area and how can we help fill this.

Like many others, Imperium Investments is looking for good deals that work for us and we are happy to work in collaboration with local organisations and councils who know the situation on the ground.

Of course, there has been a lot of uncertainty over Brexit and it has been a sensitive time. But I think we need to focus more on local and regional opportunities, such as in the Glasgow area.

We need decisions about what kind of homes are needed and how to delivery these places. There is no doubt that a lot of young families are looking for larger properties with more bedroom and garden space, yet there has been massive investment in small, one and two bedroom flats in large blocks.

This imbalance leads to a massive rental market when we should be trying to build homes that people can buy, have a stake in and where they can settle down. I think there is strong demand for this kind of medium-range family property in UK, with more people able to get in the long-term property ladder. On this score, I believe there are exceptional possibilities in Scotland, unlocking more middle-income developments.

Imperium Investments has also been investing in Brighton and along the south coast of England, and in Luxembourg, where the tiny European country is bidding to double its population and there is demand for housing. We look after the assets of high net-worth individuals and family offices who are looking for steady, long-term return on their investment with real estate or commercial property in the UK.

We’ve invested a lot in London and around the M25 corridor, most recently we bought a building in Staines, but there is a surfeit of real estate investors chasing in London and it’s difficult to buy the right land for development, so that’s why we are looking towards Scotland.

So we are now able to confirm we are considering immediate property opportunities in Glasgow. We’d like to start with something fairly small in Scotland and when we are more confident of our position, expand into larger scale developments. Imperium Investments looks forward to meeting anyone who would like to join us on this journey.



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