Dmitry Leus supports the school to improve campus facilities

ACS Egham International School in Surrey, UK

The friendliness of the school was one of the things that attracted Dmitry Leus’ family to ACS Egham.

It proved the perfect choice for his sons, Artem (11, Grade 6), Ilia (5, Pre-K) and Daniil, who is now studying at the University of Oxford after spending the last few years of his schooling at Egham and wants to be a lawyer.

The atmosphere of ACS Egham was particularly appealing to Dmitry and his family, with its vibrant, open international community, they felt it would be the more suitable learning environment for their children.

“My children used to be quite shy and found it difficult to connect with others,” – explained the financial entrepreneur.

“Now it’s an amazing feeling that they are so happy. We were particularly worried about our five-year-old because it’s very difficult for him to connect with people, but now he goes to school every day with happiness.”

Dmitry cites the importance of physical and mental health, and happiness, in his children’s lives – acknowledging how their time at ACS Egham has nurtured this.  “Anybody can acquire knowledge, but you cannot take health for granted.”

Dmitry is a philanthropist supporting education and healthcare charities across the UK. Dmitry wanted to support the school donating to improve campus facilities, which his children will benefit from as they grow.

“I think the improvement of the campus facilities will help the children to learn more as the environment they are taught in plays a big part in their learning. Children are inspired everyday by their surroundings and it will help them to explore and achieve more.”

Source ACS International Schools

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