Dmitry Leus

As a family office, we believe in building strong relationships and trust with the individuals, families and companies we work with.  Our founding principles are openness, innovation and efficiency.  This is our strategy, both in business and in life.  We always look for new opportunities that will empower our clients to be confident in the future.

Knowledge and information are undoubtedly important in a dynamically changing world. But even more important is the ability to properly use and apply this knowledge and information in practice.  This new terrain demands constant growth and development, constant forward movement from us.  Fortunately our team, with our passion for learning, thrives in this environment.  Full engagement is what inspires and strengthens us and what distinguishes us from our peers.   


Our company pays great attention to the social sphere and we have a strong commitment to giving back.  Our central theme is youth and all of our philanthropic work centres on supporting young people, whether children with cancer, young rising British sports stars or babies and children facing challenges in  Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our team has a shared passion for providing access to sport, especially for children and young people.  We are involved in an inspiring programme to help to develop and popularize the sport of fencing.  We take pride in actively supporting the professional fencing team of Great Britain and we organise fencing schools throughout the country in order to give a chance to every teenager who has a desire to engage in this noble sport.  

We also take pride in supporting charities that innovate in the fields of child and maternal health, as well as those that promote the social integration of children with disabilities.

We are proud to be part of an initiative that supports the “whole child” in terms of cancer treatment, providing enjoyment and distraction to boost the psychological aspect of recovery and support children and their families through this challenge.

Dmitry Leus,

СЕО and Founder of Imperium Investments.

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