Bob Stewart MP: “Dmitry is doing amazing and important work, helping ill children together with George’s hospital charity”

Imperium Investments, in conjunction with St. George’s Hospital, presented a medical device called the “Buzzy” for children at a charity evening in the Houses of Parliament. It has already helped in 31 million procedures using natural pain relief to reduce the pain

of injections or giving blood samples. The technology applies a cooling pad system which alleviates the pain like cold water cools a burn making the whole treatment process less daunting.

The evening was hosted by Colonel Bob Stewart MP and guests  such as stars from The Apprentice, Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing.  Celebrities Stephanie Waring, Kurran Pooni and Dan Elahi attended to show their support for St George’s Hospital and the Imperium Investments initiative.

At this special charity event Dmitry Bob Stewart welcomed guests with a speech: “When I first heard of Dmitry’s work, I was thoroughly impressed by the new device that helps children with cancer remain pain-free. I see now how much St George’s Hospital Charity appreciates his generosity. Cancer is a cruel disease. When children suffer, the treatment seems to be even more grueling. I believe children should be given as much support as possible to finally feel ease and comfort.

 It’s an honour to host St George’s Hospital Charity at the Houses Of Parliament and it’s an incredible cause that had brought all of us here together tonight.”

In future, Imperium Investments plan to support holidays for children and their families, with special arrangements made for them to be supported by local hospitals in the countries they visit to ensure they can access emergency medical care if needed.

Dmitry Leus, director of Imperium Investments, spoke about his admiration for the work of the hospital and his pride in supporting the charity: “We are pleased to offer our support, in partnership with St George’s, to make childhood illnesses such as cancer more manageable and less harrowing.

We are especially proud we could help make a medical device, the Buzzy, available to young patients to provide natural pain relief to ease injections and giving blood samples.

We are also working with St George’s Hospital Charity to redevelop the Children’s Garden, creating a safe, fun and peaceful space for children and their loved ones. The garden will aid with healing emotionally and physically, provide a space for education and learning, and also offer distraction outside of the hospital environment.”

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